Beautiful Wood & Epoxy Tables

Maple and Black Epoxy Table

A maple cookie quartered and poured 3″ deep with solid black epoxy. An irregular slab of magnolia wood with a blue river running through the middle of its length. A white oak side table with effervescent epoxy accents. A gnarly red oak side table with a teal river running through it. These beautiful epoxy tables…

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Railroad Spike Wall Hooks

Railroad Spike Wall Hook 01

After years of holding rails in place so trains could transport America’s goods, these railroad spikes now have a second life as wall hooks ready to hold your goods in place and off the floor. Now available in our showroom and in our online store!

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Deep Pour iEpoxy River Table

Detail of an iEpoxy river table

Take one gnarly piece of white oak, black iEpoxy fills, and a blue river of deep pour iEpoxy and what do you get? This extraordinary side table. Dean Curfman and the OHI+W crew have the ability to visualize the end product that results in this table that will draw admiration for years to come.

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A Well Placed Touch of Color

Painted Door Knockers 02

A touch of well-placed color can send an already beautifully hand-forged door knocker over the edge. Each oak, maple, or ginkgo leaf door knocker is one-of-a-kind and provide you with years of enjoyment every time you hear that “knock, knock, knock!”

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